Recipe: Perfect Chocolate Ice cream Cake with Wafer

Chocolate Ice cream Cake with Wafer. Layers of Breyers® Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream Bursting With Chocolatey Crunchies! A Delicious Party Flavor To Enjoy on Any Occasion. Find Out How To Make Ice Cream Cake.

Chocolate Ice cream Cake with Wafer Decorate the top with whipped cream, and place the strawberries randomly on top to make a design. Cut into squares with a sharp knife, and serve. The chocolate wafers become a soft cake as it refrigerates in the sweet cream creating one of the most amazing ice box cakes eva. You can have Chocolate Ice cream Cake with Wafer using 6 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chocolate Ice cream Cake with Wafer

  1. It’s of Crushed Brownies.
  2. It’s of Crushed Chocolates.
  3. You need of Multi-Purpose Cream.
  4. Prepare of Condensed Milk.
  5. You need of Wafers.
  6. It’s of Melted Butter.

Disclosure: I'm not promising it's the "prettiest" little thing but the taste makes up for that ten fold! There are recipes for zebra cake with homemade chocolate cookies, but the truth is that the best renditions take advantage of store-bought paper-thin "Famous Chocolate Wafers" from Nabisco. These fragile, wafer-thin cookies seem special and exotic, perhaps because almost all grocery stores inexplicably display them with the ice cream toppings instead of with other packaged cookies. Press cookie crumbs in greased pan.

Chocolate Ice cream Cake with Wafer step by step

  1. In a bowl, mix crushed brownies and condesed milk then add butter.
  2. Put what you mixed in a glass container. Make sure that it is flat so it will look good..
  3. Next, put wafers on top of the brownies then put in a freezer for awhile.
  4. Mix multi-purpose cream and condesed milk then add crushed chocolates.
  5. After 15 minutes, get the brownies with wafer in the freezer..
  6. Put the milk mixture on top then put it back on the fridge for 2 hours or overnight..
  7. Enjoy!!!.
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Melt chocolate chips and combine evap. milk and salt. Spread softened ice cream over chocolate layer, top with remaining cookie crumbs. My family has made this recipe since I was a kid but the cookies can be difficult to find. They are called Famous Chocolate Wafers by Nabisco. They come in a Yellow rectangular box and are usually found on the top shelf in the cookie aisle or with the ice cream toppings.

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