Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing Dark Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons

Dark Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons. Learn to make beautiful coconut macaroons dipped and drizzled in dark chocolate. These dense and chewy coconut macaroons are dipped in dark chocolate for the ultimate decadent treat, and they also feature a fun crunchy surprise in the center! These chocolate coconut macaroons require surprisingly few ingredients to deliver their chewy, coconutty flavor.

Dark Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons So, I made these for her and she LOVED them. All-natural macaroons dipped in dark chocolate are guaranteed to become your favorite coconut cookie. These macaroons are remarkably simple to make and deceptively fancy. You can have Dark Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons using 4 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Dark Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons

  1. Prepare 3 of egg whites.
  2. Prepare 2 c of shredded unsweetened coconut.
  3. You need of Sweetener equivalent to 1/2 c sugar (1 T Stevia).
  4. It’s 4 oz of chocolate (85%+ cacao), broken into pieces.

Cookie can barely keep her paws off them! Five-ingredient dark chocolate dipped coconut macaroons are an easy, healthy dessert that you can make any time to satisfy your sweet tooth! This coconut macaroons recipe only requires five ingredients so you can whip up a batch quickly and satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthier treat. These coconut macaroons are light, chewy, and dipped in chocolate.

Dark Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons step by step

  1. Preheat oven to 350Β°F..
  2. In large bowl, beat egg whites with mixer until stiff peaks form..
  3. Fold in coconut and sweetener to egg whites..
  4. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Scoop mixture by 1/4 cupfuls forming 8 mounds on baking sheet..
  5. Bake 15 min. until lightly browned and slightly firm. Allow to cool..
  6. In small bowl, melt chocolate in microwave, stirring every 15 seconds until completely melted..
  7. Carefully dip bottom third of macaroon in bowl using a fork to lift out. Place on parchment paper and cool in refrigerator..
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They're always a crowd favorite and incredibly easy to make! Your macaroons should be very firm from the freezer. Dip the cold macaroons in the melted chocolate. If you have extra chocolate left over, you can drizzle some on top. These Coconut Macaroons are the perfect sweet treat for a healthy holiday.

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