How to Make Perfect Chocolate Mint Center Cookie Crisps

Chocolate Mint Center Cookie Crisps. If you like chocolate and mint, you can't help but love these delicious crispy cookies with their creamy icing. Stir in chocolate chips and mint chocolate cookie crisps. These crispy chocolate cookies with a hint of mint taste just like the beloved Girl Scout treats, Thin Mintsยฎ.

Chocolate Mint Center Cookie Crisps These Mint Chocolate Cookie Cups are a perfect treat for St To get that perfect little indention in the center, I suggest using a measuring teaspoon to gently press them in right after you take them out of the oven. If you love mint-chocolate chip ice cream, these cookies are for you. If you just can't get enough. You can cook Chocolate Mint Center Cookie Crisps using 12 ingredients and 15 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chocolate Mint Center Cookie Crisps

  1. It’s 3 cups of all purpose flour.
  2. It’s 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.
  3. Prepare 1/2 teaspoon of salt.
  4. It’s 1 cup of unsalted butter, at room temperature (2 sticks).
  5. You need 1 1/2 cups of light brown sugar.
  6. It’s 1 cup of granulated sugar.
  7. Prepare 2 of large eggs.
  8. It’s 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  9. Prepare 1 (10 ounce) of bag mint filled dark chocolate kiss candies, divided use.
  10. It’s of For Drizzle.
  11. Prepare of remaining not used mint kiss candies.
  12. You need 2 ounces of milk chocolate, chopped. I used Lindt extra creamy milk chocolate.

These amazing Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies have crispy edges and soft centers. They are filled with mini mint chips and Andes pieces giving them Out of all of the desserts we make, cookies are the one thing I still crave. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies are a rich, chewy double chocolate cookie with creamy mint chips.

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Chocolate Mint Center Cookie Crisps instructions

  1. Preheat the oven to 350. Lline a baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. In a bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder and salt.
  3. In another bowl beat butter and both sugars until light and fluffy.
  4. Add the eggs one at a time beating in each egg, then beat in vanilla.
  5. Add flour.muxture sliwly and mix just until blended.
  6. Take about 1 1/2 tablesoons batter and flatten it.
  7. Place a cold mint kiss in center of dough disk and cover entire kiss with dough.
  8. .
  9. Roll covered kiss in a ball.
  10. Place 2 inches apart on prepared pans. Bake 11 to 14 minutes until just set. Transfer cookies to racks to cool completely..
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  12. Make Drizzle.
  13. Combine remaining mint kisses and milk chovolate in a bowl and microwave until just melted, stir smooth.
  14. Drizzle over cookies and allow to set.
  15. .

Bake just until the sides begin to crisp and the centers are still chewy. My Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe has a slight hint of chewiness in the center which I really enjoy. They've been called the best cookies I've ever made & never last more than a day! So in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day and trying to make a better effort this year, I baked these Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies to go along with the.

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