Recipe: Tasty Chinese Sweet Potato Soup ~ Dessert 番薯糖水

Chinese Sweet Potato Soup ~ Dessert 番薯糖水. How good this Chinese Sweet Potato Ginger Dessert Soup 番薯姜糖水 is, soft comforting pieces of luscious yams floating in a sweet and fiery soup that warms you The humble sweet potato, or 番薯, grown and dug out of the dark, rich, earth. All different kinds are yummilicious, especially in the winter. Chinese Sweet Potato Soup (Chinese: 番薯糖水) is the Sweet Dessert Soups "tong sui" (Chinese: 糖水) I ate the most at home growing up. teehee~.

Chinese Sweet Potato Soup ~ Dessert 番薯糖水 Remove the ginger skin and smash it. Chinese Sweet Potato Soup Royalty Free Stock Image – Image. Instant Pot Chinese Sweet Potato Soup (番薯糖水) You can cook Chinese Sweet Potato Soup ~ Dessert 番薯糖水 using 3 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chinese Sweet Potato Soup ~ Dessert 番薯糖水

  1. You need of Sweet potatoes.
  2. Prepare of Chinese brown sliced sugar.
  3. It’s of Ginger.

Chinese Sweet Potato & Ginger Dessert Soup – A new recipe to end your Thanksgiving dinner or any meal this fall. Chinese sweet potato & ginger dessert soup 地瓜糖水 ♥ Newly harvested sweet potato is the harbinger of the arrival of the Autumn as days get cooler and longer. Stir in the sweet potatoes and stock. Turn up the heat and bring the pan to the boil.

Chinese Sweet Potato Soup ~ Dessert 番薯糖水 step by step

  1. Main ingredients.
  2. 6 sweet potatoes, peel then cut in chunks. If you arent cooking yet, soak in water or it will turn black..
  3. Peel the ginger, cut in slice and throw into a pot of water. I love alot of ginger, which will give u a hot spicy taste..
  4. High heat and boil those ginger!.
  5. Drain those sweet potatoes and throw them in with the ginger water..
  6. When the water starts boiling again add in the brown sugar. from 1/2 to 1 slice depends on your preferred sweetness..
  7. Cover lid and boil for 20 mins until potato is soft. Taste the ginger water, should have this spicy ginger taste and sweetness. Add in hot water/brown sugar if needed..
  8. Served hot! Done!.
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For fun garnishes, drizzle a little coconut milk or cream into each bowl, or sprinkle over some freshly chopped coriander, or fry up a pinch of cumin seeds and chilli flakes in a little oil and swirl into the soup. Sweet potato soup is the perfect fall and winter soup. It's a rich blend of creamy sweet potatoes, carrots, fresh ginger, and a hint of spice. Sweet potato starch can be used as marinating ingredients in most of the common Chinese stir fry recipes like beef and Chinese broccoli, pork Steamed noodles can be also made with a thin sweet potato starch batter. Which is further cut into large pieces and usually cooked in soups and hot pot.

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